Hotfix Iron on Gymnast Hologram Spangles design for Leotard, Hoodie or T-shirt


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25 x 22cm
Large Design
Iron-on Hologram Spangles
Iron on in approx 20-40 seconds 

To Apply Spangles:

For best results use Teflon Paper
– Set the heat press to 280 degrees Fahrenheit or medium setting if using an iron.


Once the design cools, peel off transfer paper in the direction that stretches the garment the least.


Press a second time for half the original time frame. This helps to lock down the spangles.


If any spangles come off during this peel, you can cut out the transfer paper that holds the spangle dot(s) and replace it where it belongs. Your cut out does not have to be too precise as to hold just the one little dot(s), it should be of a workable size. Reheat the whole design for just 5-6 seconds. Press the dot(s) firmly. Be careful not to move any of the others spangles since they will be vulnerable to movement. Allow the ‘dot’ to cool then carefully peel off the transfer paper cut out. This second pressing will serve as the second press for the whole design.


 Spangles should be applied to ribbon or fabric only.  They will not permanently adhere on top of vinyl.  It will appear that the spangles are stick on